Magical Lantern Festival

Kenzie + Tylor

The Lantern Festival reached out to me a while back and invited me to come and shoot at the their awesome event at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, Arizona. I was so dang pumped because I have been wanting to attend the festival for years now. YEARS! I live right down the road from Schnepf Farms and have always loved every event that they have put on. If you’ve never been to their farm, you should definitely check it out! They always have something cool going on there. Everyone always talks about how amazing the Lantern Festival is and I’m here to tell you that it definitely lived up to the hype! My husband, Brandon and I met the cutest couple, Kenzie + Tylor there early to grab some tacos and hang out for a bit before releasing our biodegradable lanterns into the sky. Is there anything better than good company and tacos? Everyone was given a lantern and a marker to write down their hope and dreams that they wanted to send out into the universe. I really love this concept. I wrote down “shoot an international wedding” and shortly after I booked a wedding in Ireland! And that’s a 100% true story. I’m just saying that when you put things out in the universe, they really do come back to you. Once the sun set, everyone lit their lanterns and launched them at the same time. One by one the sky filled with these magical glowing lanterns and it was honestly one of the COOLEST sights I've ever witnessed. It kind of took my breath away! Thank you so much to The Lantern Festival for inviting us out there for this amazing event! I hope I’ll get to go back and enjoy this event many more times in the future.