Grand Canyon Adventure Session

Meghan + Brandon

The day started off with me picking up these two in a parking garage at GCU. Mind you, I had never met Meghan and Brandon before and the only communication we had was a few messages over Instagram. The internet is so weird huh? We were taught as kids to NEVER get into a car with a stranger yet this is pretty much what I do every photoshoot haha. It’s wild. These two were so nice and brought me a drink from Dutch Brothers(points for them!) With good music playing and drinks in hand we started on our 10 hour journey to and from the Grand Canyon. We bonded over childhood tv shows, Jim Gaffigan, and road trip snacks. You might think I'm crazy for signing up for a long road trip with two complete strangers, but making that connection with them before the shoot helped me really capture who they were during the shoot. This is something I do all the time and it seriously makes the biggest difference. Especially because your true weird self comes out during a 10 hour road trip. There’s no hiding from it! I had found a new spot on Google maps that I was wanting to check out at the Grand Canyon. Meghan and Brandon were up for it so we were on our way! This hike took us through the forest and out to some amazing cliffs with the most incredible view! The Grand Canyon always looks like a painting to me. I never get over it! And it’s so much fun to see my client’s take it all in for the first time. I’m seriously in love with these photos and this will always be one of my favorite sessions. Even if it did end with a hefty speedy ticket. 

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