Oregon Coast Anniversary Session

Kristin + Daniel 

I love the Pacific Northwest SO MUCH so of course I was pumped to head out there again to shoot this anniversary session on the Oregon Coast. We had to head out at 4am in order to make it out for sunrise. Even though it can be extremely hard to wake up for a sunrise shoot I always think it ends up being so worth it. You are typically the only crazy ones out there that early which is super peaceful and intimate. Plus, you get to go to breakfast after! Food is always a motivator for me! Since it was so dark out when we got to the general location, we had a really hard time finding the right trailhead. We actually went down the wrong trail at first(oops!) Once we figured out the right trail we started making the trek down. It was an insanely slippery, steep, and treacherous hike down. We took our time and got to the edge of the cliff right as the sun was about to come up. We had the most insane view of the coastline, cliffs, and crashing waves! Adventurous anniversary sessions are one of my favorite things to shoot because it always ends up taking us somewhere so incredibly beautiful! Kristin + Daniel have been married for quiet a few years. They have the most insane chemistry together and were so easy to photograph. They were also very fearless during this shoot! There was a black sand beach below us to the left with a crazy straight drop from where we were. These two effortlessly ran around on this cliff for the photos without a worry about how high up we were. I am always so amazed by the beauty of the Oregon Coast and am so glad we found this view for this anniversary session. This spot is now one of my favorites and I am now dying to shoot an elopement or wedding here! 


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