Phoenix Maternity Surprise Proposal

Melissa and Rich are from New Jersey, and they booked their maternity session with me in Phoenix during their road trip around Arizona! We decided to shoot at Papago Park which is a really pretty desert spot here in the Phoenix area. A couple of weeks before, Rich reached out and let me know that he wanted to propose during the session, and needed my help to keep it all a secret! I was sooo excited about it, except I didn’t hear anything back from him before the shoot, and even didn’t know if it was still on or not. So I decided to treat it like a regular maternity session, and it wan’t until near the end when he started giving me looks and weird wink faces that I knew it was ON! I quickly started thinking how to make it all happen and had to be quick on my feet coming up with a plan. I ended up having Melissa face away from him and told her that Rich would give her a surprise hug from behind. Then I said “oh wait I changed by mind let’s actually have you turn around”. She turned around and she saw him on his knee with the ring. Rich blurts out “Will you marry me?” She was so surprised and excited! We laughed about it afterwards when Rich said those were the only words he could get out of the elaborate speech he had prepared because he was so nervous. It was so sweet and such a cool moment to be a part of! I’m so glad I didn’t spoil the surprise. I couldn’t stop laughing about how it all happened and that we actually pulled it off. I’m so excited for these two and wish them all the happiness in the world!