Grand Canyon Adventure Bridal Session

Amber + Trevor

Amber + Trevor got married in Nashville but they came to Arizona for their honeymoon and booked an adventurous bridal session with me at Grand Canyon National Park while they were here. The day started out with me picking them up at their lodge in the village. Everything was decked out for Christmas which was really fun. Amber and Trevor hopped in my car and we made our way to the trail. I had so much fun showing them one of my favorite secret spots at the Grand Canyon. The hike to this spot takes you through the forest which is so beautiful. It’s quiet and you rarely see anyone else there. Which is a nice change from all of the crowds at most of the viewpoints at the Grand Canyon. I almost always see deer and elk during this trek which is super exciting for an animal freak like me. It never gets old! Even though were were all bundled up in our jackets, hats, and gloves, it was still absolutely freezing. I even brought about a thousand pairs of hand warmers but my fingers still felt like they were going to snap off. Can you tell that I’m a desert rat? But these two didn’t complain and they completely rocked the whole session! We did have to take multiple breaks to hide from the wind and warm up our hands though haha. I absolutely loved how Amber wore hiking boots under her dress; those are my favorite type of wedding shoes! I had so much fun hanging out with them for the afternoon and getting to know them more. I love my adventurous couples!! If you’re interested in having your wedding or elopement at the Grand Canyon National Park but have no idea where to start, send me a message here!