Rainy Vineyard Wedding in Sedona, Arizona

Bethany + Bijan

This intimate wedding was tucked away in a beautiful vineyard in Sedona, Arizona. If that isn’t a wedding photographer’s dream, I don’t know what is! It was a raining cats and dogs the morning of this wedding and I was curious to see how everything was going to turn out. Fun fact about me I actually LOVE shooting in the rain. If the couple is okay with getting a little wet the photos turn out AMAZING! Luckily I had my husband with me that day and he was the best umbrella holder in the world. Their intimate wedding was held at Dancing Apache Ranch near Sedona Arizona, and it was the most amazing property! There were tons of beautiful vineyards, a lake, trees, and the cutest lodge. I was totally in love with Bethany’s non-traditional boho dress. It completely fit her personality. Funny fact about their wedding.. Bethany forgot to get a bouquet/flowers so the morning of their wedding they ran down to a local store to throw something together. I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard this. This just shows how laid back and non-materialistic these two are. I absolutely loved that the main focus of their day was just to get married!! Bethany + Bijan wanted a traditional Native American ceremony since the wedding was held on native Apache land. I love when couples incorporate some of the local culture into their wedding day, it makes it so unique and special. The ceremony was so powerful and really touched everyone who witnessed it. After the ceremony we ran out to the vineyards for some quick portraits before the sun set. Right before the sun dropped behind the mountains, the clouds opened up and we were greeted with a beautiful rainbow! This is one of the reasons I love rainy weddings so much. With rain brings rainbows! And I have stupid good luck with rainbows so stick with me and there’s a good chance you’ll get one if we shoot in the rain(check out my Instagram for proof!) I had so much fun being apart of this day. Everyone made us feel like part of the family and we just really adore these two.