Waterfalls in Payson Arizona

Tiffany + Ryan

Waterfalls in Payson, Arizona?! Yes it’s true! There are some pretty amazing spots up in northern Arizona if you take the time to look for them. My husband and I found this spot a few years ago while out hiking with our dogs up north. I just knew that I had to do a shoot here! Tiffany and Ryan were so awesome to model for this couples session. Another local photographer here in Arizona booked a mentoring session with me and I really wanted to take her up north to this semi-secret spot. It's one of my absolute favorites in Arizona. It doesn't even feel like Arizona up there, it's crazy! There are waterfalls, amazing rock formations, trees, tall grass, and pools of water. My husband and I like to hike here with our dogs and it has quickly become one of my favorite hidden gems. Tiffany and Ryan were so great during this session even though they probably thought I had no idea where I was going the whole time haha. It was about a 2 mile hike(and no one had the right shoes on) but definitely worth it! We made a few wrong turns but when we finally made it there the view was stunning. It’s like a secret oasis in the middle of Arizona. I had a blast teaching the other photographer about posing, lighting, locations, and composition. I’ve loved all of the mentoring sessions I've been able to do lately. It's so fun to share my knowledge and passion with other photographers! I saw her images from this shoot and they were so good. I get so proud of my mentees and love to follow their work and see their improvement after their mentoring sessions. If you’re a photographer and would like more information on a mentoring session with me, send me a message here!