Dreamy Sunset Point Couples Session

Kara + Josh

Arizona has some hidden gem locations and Sunset Point in Black Canyon city is one of the best! I remember my husband driving up to Flagstaff a few years ago and calling me telling me I needed to check out this spot immediately. The very next chance I had I made the drive up there and was in total shock! This place is just miles and miles of tall yellow grass and cactus surrounded by colorful desert mountains. And it’s literally a REST STOP! It’s definitely a place you’ve probably driven by a million times heading up north and missed. It’s kind of hidden by all of the semi trucks parked there so it’s a bit of a hidden gem. Definitely add it to your list if you’re ever heading up towards Prescott or Flagstaff. The views are hard to beat. I first met Kara + Josh the day of their session. I could have sworn they were already married or had been together for years and years! They had such a chemistry and were so dang cute together. It turns out that Josh had actually planned to propose during our session but the ring didn't come in time! But they got engaged shortly after and I'm so happy for them! Their outfits were absolutely killer. I loved Kara’s emerald velvet dress. It fit her like a glove and complimented the scenery really well. I love punchy jewel tones in neutral locations like this! They really stand out in a good way. We had fun running around in the tall grass and enjoying the mountain views. It’s always fun taking clients to new spots and having them be amazed at a  place they’ve passed a hundred times. This location and these two make for a pretty magical session don't you think?! 

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