Getting Creative with Harsh Light

Harsh Light with Hannah

Once a month, I get together with a few photographer friends and we put together a fun shoot or work on a technique that we want to improve. This month it was playing with harsh light/shadows which I was super excited about because let's be real... weddings can throw you some serious curve balls with lighting. I just recently shot a wedding in Sedona where the entire day had to be shot in full sun(first look, ceremony, family portraits, bridal party portraits). Finding shade in the middle of the day in Sedona is like finding a needle in a haystack. But we rolled with it and it turned out beautiful. Since you can't control the weather on a wedding day, it's good to take the time to play around with different types of lighting and see what kind of creative shots you can come up with when you're put in those situations. We had tons of fun trying out new tricks and techniques with Hannah in the harsh Arizona sun. I'm in love with how the images turned out. I hope you like them too!