Oregon Waterfall Adventure Session

Emily + Jim

This full day of adventure started with meeting Emily and Jim at their little Airbnb cabin in the woods near Portland, Oregon. It was tucked away in it’s own little oasis and included a hot tub where you could watch salmon jump from your own personal river. I almost invited myself to stay the night there because it was just so amazing! On the way to Abiqua Falls, we made a random pull off stop in the forest, where I fell and destroyed my leg of course. But the views were worth it! The forests in Oregon are SO lush and green and I really can’t get enough of them. After that we randomly passed by an alpaca farm which we HAD to stop at! The owner let us shoot there and it was a dream come true. I wanted to take one of those funny guys home with me. They were hilarious and so dang cute. I feel like random things like this always happen to me on shoots so I promise if you stick with me, crazy things will happen during our session haha. We continued along to the waterfall, which required us to do a little off roading. Luckily Emily and Jim had a Jeep and it handled the road like a champ. When we finally got to the trail head we started our hike. When we got near the end, we had to scale down this sketchy rope to get to the bottom. We made it down and found ourself the only ones in the land of Jurassic Park. I kept calling it that because that’s seriously what it looked like! It was so beautiful and lush and green. The waterfall was majestic and it was pretty cool to be the only ones there enjoying it. Emily and Jim even jumped into the freezing cold water for some shots. I love when couples just go for it. After the session we headed back to their cabin to warm up. Jim made steak and Emily and I contributed by making microwave mac n cheese. Emily is an amazing photographer so we ended up chatting for a good few hours about our jobs and upcoming adventures. I have such a love for my couples and really cherish my time with each one of them.