Horseshoe Bend Elopement

Kali + Andrew

These two lovers had their heart set on eloping at Horseshoe Bend the minute they saw photos of it. They drove all the way from Texas to make it happen! We hiked down into some secluded canyons first. I guess I forgot to tell them to bring tennis shoes(oops) but Kali was a trooper and hiked all through those canyons in sandals!! We took some amazing photos there and enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty of that place. Then we made a quick stop at Sonic(Dirty Diet Coke yeah!!) and off to Horseshoe Bend for the ceremony. It was really important to Kali to keep this a super intimate celebration. So it was just us and the officiant, Jen Paul, who did an amazing job. There is something so special about elopements. There's no worrying about a venue, guests, food, flowers etc. The only thing that matters on that day is the couple's love and celebrating it. I absolutely love being a part of these special moments and being able to capture them for the couple to look back on years from now. 

Erika GreeneComment